Stories, Musings, And The Occasional Rant​

Re-engaging With The ICW

It’s been an intense two months.  The first was a fast run up the coast from Florida to Virginia with nearly daily travel, made fun by traveling with friends.  Next was a busy month of appointments, projects, and happenings.  Throughout it all, we find ourselves reflecting more and moe on Life After Boat.

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Under a Bahamian Spell

Part II of our time in the Bahamas. We visit Eleuthera, Spanish Wells, and spend over a week at a tucked away resort on Grand Bahama waiting out weather. Then it’s time to come out of our trance and face the return, realizing that our time in the islands had given us a bit of a philosophical shift.

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Exhaling In the Exumas

From Bimini, we change our plans to accommodate the weather and go south to the Exumas, an island chain popular for its beaches, clear turquoise waters, and the Land and Sea National Park. We snorkel, do some hiking to natural wonders and funky man-made sites, and see very small town Bahama life. Along the way we find ourselves coming under the spell of the slower pace, simple living, and natural beauty.

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