Karen Elhai

Did you hear That?

So many noises on a boat, yet there is still a peace and calm about the lifestyle such that I don’t find myself wanting to turn down the volume.  Of course, on a power boat there is always the drone of the engines when underway.  There are a lot of additional noises when we’re underway […]

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To See At Last

We have started our journey on the water – finally!  What a great feeling to finally add the Wander part to the Wander, See, Share moniker of our KDSeefari adventure.  And we’ve thoroughly enjoyed our first week of cruising.  But to pick up where I left off at the end of the last blog, I

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Living La Vida Boat-ah

We are ready to start actually cruising!   We checked off two major items on our to-do list that will enable us to start moving.  The first is that Dave got his Boat Remote!  Ours is called Docking Master, and the engineer who helped develop it also installed it.  He brought along a younger man

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Welcome Aboard!

We’re living on a boat!  After nine thousand road miles, a couple round trip flights, mind-boggling hours of screen time, ten weeks living in a camper, a Cannonball Run across state lines to find a notary, a lot of waiting for suddenly urgent administrative events, and of course our driver’s license saga, we have officially

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Are we There Yet?

It’s been a quiet couple of weeks in Lake WeBeGone… Sorry.  That might be more of a Minnesota joke.  But seriously, it’s been a couple weeks of admin, waiting, a day of Boat Excitement, more admin, more waiting, and a psycho squirrel encounter.    We moved up to Fort Pierce last week, about two hours

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Part 2: Simplifying Gets MORE Complicated

I didn’t expect this topic to be a two-parter, but I guess that’s all part of the adventure.  Turns out, the complications described in my last post were just the appetizer.  But first, the good news:  WE FOUND A BOAT! More on that later, but needed to get that out because it precipitated how a

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Simplifying Gets Complicated

Simplifying our lives seemed like it should be…well, simple.  This whole adventure was born of a desire for more spontaneity and less planning, minimizing routines and maximizing new experiences, and fewer things on our ‘to do’ list and more on our ‘done did’ list.  But we discovered this past week that getting to simplicity is

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Tyrantasaurus Rox

Standing in below-zero temperatures silently begging our dog to poop as she charged through the snow was nowhere in our plan for this great adventure, yet here we ingloriously stood. The circumstance surrounding this arctic vigil was our drive back to Minnesota to close on the sale of the house (or ‘dirt home’ as wanderers

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Widgets and Pixels and Slugs! Oh My!

Words matter.  I’m a firm believer in this concept.  But this – this! – is a whole new dimension. In the medical profession, we get beat up regularly (and frequently rightfully so) for using ‘doctor talk’ too much: words with too many syllables, Latin spellings that look scary even if you do know what they

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