Karen Elhai

Eight Years

Eight years is a long time to live in one place.  Now I know that statement is eliciting a wide range of responses, from raised eyebrows to nodding in assent to thinking it’s a typo and I really meant ‘eighty.’  Our military friends are the ones agreeing, fellow retirees with a wisdom borne of long […]

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The Great Purge

We returned home from The Camping Weekend That Changed Everything in August with a whole new energy and way of looking at the future, COVID or not, and neither of us has questioned the decision since.  Which is sort of our style – once a decision is made we don’t look back.  Dave would have

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Wait … What just happened?

Amidst everyone’s world turning totally upside down and inside out in 2020, Dave and I found ourselves in a position to hit the ‘reset’ button on retirement.  And now here we are: living in a camper in FL, house sold, wondering how we order from Amazon when we don’t have a delivery address. It’s not

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