Cruising the ICW

A Three Hour Cruise

I’m supposed to be writing this from Florida, but the boat gods apparently had other plans for us.  Original plan, as you may recall, was to depart from Norfolk November 8 and head south along the ICW to warmer climes for the winter.  But then one of the drawbridges in Norfolk was going to be […]

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Leisure and Leisurely: They aren’t the Same thing

Cruising may be a leisurely lifestyle, but it most definitely is not a life of leisure.   It didn’t take long to figure out the difference between the two.  As we headed into the final leg of our trip up the Atlantic ICW to Norfolk we were fine tuning our own style.  In general, the pace

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Mystery and Mastery

We passed Mile Marker 483 as we continued along our way up the ICW into South Carolina, which for us was the halfway point between our destination of Portsmouth, VA (MM 0) and our departure from Fort Pierce, FL (which was MM 966).  In the two weeks we had been cruising, we had already learned

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Did you hear That?

So many noises on a boat, yet there is still a peace and calm about the lifestyle such that I don’t find myself wanting to turn down the volume.  Of course, on a power boat there is always the drone of the engines when underway.  There are a lot of additional noises when we’re underway

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To See At Last

We have started our journey on the water – finally!  What a great feeling to finally add the Wander part to the Wander, See, Share moniker of our KDSeefari adventure.  And we’ve thoroughly enjoyed our first week of cruising.  But to pick up where I left off at the end of the last blog, I

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