Planning and Prep

Are we There Yet?

It’s been a quiet couple of weeks in Lake WeBeGone… Sorry.  That might be more of a Minnesota joke.  But seriously, it’s been a couple weeks of admin, waiting, a day of Boat Excitement, more admin, more waiting, and a psycho squirrel encounter.    We moved up to Fort Pierce last week, about two hours

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Part 2: Simplifying Gets MORE Complicated

I didn’t expect this topic to be a two-parter, but I guess that’s all part of the adventure.  Turns out, the complications described in my last post were just the appetizer.  But first, the good news:  WE FOUND A BOAT! More on that later, but needed to get that out because it precipitated how a

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Simplifying Gets Complicated

Simplifying our lives seemed like it should be…well, simple.  This whole adventure was born of a desire for more spontaneity and less planning, minimizing routines and maximizing new experiences, and fewer things on our ‘to do’ list and more on our ‘done did’ list.  But we discovered this past week that getting to simplicity is

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Widgets and Pixels and Slugs! Oh My!

Words matter.  I’m a firm believer in this concept.  But this – this! – is a whole new dimension. In the medical profession, we get beat up regularly (and frequently rightfully so) for using ‘doctor talk’ too much: words with too many syllables, Latin spellings that look scary even if you do know what they

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Eight Years

Eight years is a long time to live in one place.  Now I know that statement is eliciting a wide range of responses, from raised eyebrows to nodding in assent to thinking it’s a typo and I really meant ‘eighty.’  Our military friends are the ones agreeing, fellow retirees with a wisdom borne of long

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The Great Purge

We returned home from The Camping Weekend That Changed Everything in August with a whole new energy and way of looking at the future, COVID or not, and neither of us has questioned the decision since.  Which is sort of our style – once a decision is made we don’t look back.  Dave would have

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Wait … What just happened?

Amidst everyone’s world turning totally upside down and inside out in 2020, Dave and I found ourselves in a position to hit the ‘reset’ button on retirement.  And now here we are: living in a camper in FL, house sold, wondering how we order from Amazon when we don’t have a delivery address. It’s not

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