TGL: Atlantic Coast

Blowin’ through North Carolina

Lots of travel days as high winds force us to make quicker time through North Carolina than we had originally planned.  But being our third time along this stretch of the ICW, these are familiar towns and stops.  We see spring emerging and continued recovery in many of our repeat stops compared to last year.  […]

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The South Carolina Saunter

We continue moving north, taking our time, along what is now familiar territory for us on the ICW.  Then the weather starts to mess with our plans.  Along the way, we cross paths again with fellow Loopers we’ve met previously, and meet new ones. Click the Google Map button below to open the map  in

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The Georgia Coast

Georgia has a relatively small area of coastline, but we think it is one of the hidden gems of the ICW.  Wide, sandy, near-deserted beaches.  Long stretches of pristine marshland and shore birds interspersed with small hammocks.  The few marinas and stops are loaded with personality and history.   Many boaters go ‘outside’ to the Atlantic

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Fun in St. Augustine and WE START THE GREAT LOOP!!!

Summary:  Back in Jacksonville after our side trip up the St. Johns River, our friend Colleen joins us for a week.  We explore Jacksonville and cruise down to historic St. Augustine, FL.  Departing to return north, we officially start THE GREAT LOOP!  After dropping Colleen off back in JAX, Dave and I continue north to

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