TGL: Atlantic Coast

Closing The Loop

From Ft. Pierce, we planned for a sprint of near-daily travel to get us the final couple hundred miles to our Loop Finish Line in St. Augustine.  The route takes us through Eau Gallie, Titusville, Daytona, and Palm Coast before we arrive back where our Loop started, thus crossing our wake. It seemed straightforward, but of course Mother Nature laughs in the face of even the best laid voyage plan. 

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The Home Stretch

We start up the east coast of Florida, beginning with crossing Biscayne Bay to get back onto the ICW.  Making our way past ridiculously extravagant homes and boats, we stop in Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Stuart before arriving for a month long stay in Ft. Pierce.  There we completely slow down, enjoying just living and visits from friends. 

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Of Locks and Lakes

We continue up the Hudson River to the Fork In The Loop at Waterford, where the Erie Canal begins.  The Erie is the most common Loop route, but we take the road less traveled and continue north on the Hudson along the Empire Trail and up the length of beautiful Lake Champlain.  The stops come

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Off the Coast And Up The river

We experience quite a variety of cruising as we head out into the ocean to get up the New Jersey Coast, pass by the Statue of Liberty in busy New York Harbor, and head up the Hudson River with its history and beautiful scenery.  Click the Google Map button below to open the map  in

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Bay to Bay

We continue north into the Upper Chesapeake Bay, cruising into waters that are new to us aboard See Level.  Roxy falls in AGAIN, dinner with my sister, and we start meeting lots of other Loopers as we all cross into the Delaware Bay. Click the Google Map button below to open the map  in a

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Onward and Loopward!

After a brief hiatus for the trip to France, we resume our travels on America’s Great Loop.  Heading north up the Chesapeake Bay, we stop in small coastal towns and one big town very familiar to us – Annapolis – where we have some honored guests fort a night. Click the Google Map button below

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Two Weeks, Two Continents

We hunker down for a whole week of unusual weather on the Chesapeake.  Then we head to southwest France for a Celebratory French Garden Party.   Fair warning: this blog contains LOTS of photos. Click the Google Map button below to open the map  in a separate window.  There you can zoom in/out, and click

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Yes, Virginia, We’re BA-aaaack

We return to the very familiar Hampton Roads area, setting up shop for a month plus stay to go through the Life Maintenance Checklist.  We also spend a week at the Looper Rendezvous in Norfolk.  Click the Google Map button below to open the map  in a separate window.  There you can zoom in/out, and

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Blowin’ through North Carolina

Lots of travel days as high winds force us to make quicker time through North Carolina than we had originally planned.  But being our third time along this stretch of the ICW, these are familiar towns and stops.  We see spring emerging and continued recovery in many of our repeat stops compared to last year. 

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